Back In Love Again


"The disc [Back In Love Again] includes gorgeous country sounds in songs that are profoundly romantic and sweetly inspiring.  McGrath's expert craftsmanship is displayed throughout, allowing his reputation as an ace songwriter to continue" - Michelle Picardo - FREETIME

Produced by Monty Powell and Kip Raines

Recorded at Midtown Studios, Nashville, TN  by Jim Dineen

Mixed at Dajhalon Studios, Rochester, N.Y.  by Mick Guzauski

lead vocals, acoustic guitar: Bat McGrath

electric guitar: Ethan Porter

bass, hammond organ, acoustic guitar on "Beyond The Distance": Kevin Vicalvi

drums: Kip Raines

mandolin, fiddle: Eric Silver

pedal steel guitar: Buck

wurlitzer: Mark Prentice

background vocals:  Ethan Porter, Kevin Vicalvi, Kip Raines,

& Deborah Manning on "One that Never Will"

1. I Believe In Love ( Bat McGrath)

2. Back In Love Again (Bat McGrath / Tim Nichols)

3. Why Didn't I Love You Right? (Bat McGrath)

4. That's All I Need To Know (Bat McGrath)

5. Old Friends (Bat McGrath / Tim Nichols)

6. One That Never Will (Bat McGrath / Wood Newton)

7. Blue Eagle (Bat McGrath)

8. You Loved Me Right (Bat McGrath)

9. Beyond The Distance ( Bat McGrath / Billy Kirsch)

10. We Were The Best (Bat McGrath)