No Verb


1.   No Reverb  (mcgrath)

2.   I Know  (mcgrath)

3.   What Did I Ever Do  alger/mcgrath)

4.   Guilt  (mcgrath)

5.   Beep Twice  (mcgrath)

6.   Something We Do  (alger/mcgrath)

7.   St. Pattys  (mcgrath)

8.   Always Tennessee  (mcgrath)

9.   Hey Willie  (doyle/mcgrath)

10. Farther Down The Road  (conley/mcgrath)

11. She’s Gone  (mangione/mcgrath)

My focus for this project was to simply play some music the way I play it live.  I wanted to sing and play guitar at the same time, regardless of the complications that it would present in recording.  There were no click tracks, no punch-ins, no pitch corrections, no bells & whistles.

I asked two of my favorite friends to help me with this CD, each request with a minor caveat.  I knew Mark Prentice owned an upright bass and, although I’d never heard him play one, that’s what I wanted.  Mark is a producer and session player with a high degree of prowess on many instruments.  He said “sure!”.  I approached my colleague Mike Severs to produce the CD and explained the unorthodox way I wanted to do it.  Mike is one of the best session guitarists in Nashville so I also asked if he would add one guitar part (preferably acoustic) to each track - like we do when we often play live together.  He said “sounds like fun!”

Matty Bubel played shaker on “What Did I Ever Do” and Kenzie Wetz played fiddle on “Always Tennessee”.   I used gifted saxophonist Adam Niewood on a composition I co-wrote with Chuck Mangione 42 yrs. ago called “She’s Gone”.  I dedicate this song to Adam’s dad (and my friend) Gerry Niewood who played on the original recording.

Five of the songs on this CD were collaborations and I would like to thank my co-writers: Pat Alger, Earl Thomas Conley, Joe Doyle, and Chuck Mangione.

The cover was designed by Tricia Cast, who also shot the photos at our home outside of Nashville.  She is my wife, my best friend, and my muse.

I write and perform with Froggy Bottom guitars, custom crafted by

Michael Millard in Chelsea, Vt.